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This is a very good game, I enjoy reading the stories and messages people have left out there if just to add to a sea of beauty by making your day better, on a different note however I'd like to ask how you are supposed to get a full quill, am I just doing it wrong? At some point the quill does not fill further as it decreases in every other direction, though it is likely my own fault. Otherwise I love this game!

Damn this game is beautiful, how do you generate that terrain?

thank you so kindly much ~ 

in the most simple sense it uses a few perlin noise samples to generate a perlin texture, before applying a gaussian blur (smoothing things out) and separating out the generated perlin texture into nine different textures by averaging out the monochromatic color values (first texture contains all colors valued from 0-0.1, ect)

I downloaded the game a few weeks ago and I tried to launch it, but it automatically closes. Is this a bug or my laptop? 

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oh — I'm so sorry to hear that

If it's a bug it's not one I've presently come across
but that doesn't mean it's not one 

Thanks for the reply. I got it work after a lot of tries but it seems to be working now. I'm unsure if it was Itch that was causing it to crash because it runs fine when opening it from the local file. Thank you though :)


Is there/will there be a place where all the stories are collected that we can view?


Hey I really enjoy using this (game? software? virtual space?) its nice to leave things behind for other to find, and to uncover what others have written, without a date or name attached. Its like that feeling you get when you're little and suddenly realise you can make a time capsule and leave it in your attic, or write a letter to your future self. I was wondering though, is it there a database where all the messages are stored? It would be cool to see them all together in one place, to be able to key-search words and see what common themes pop up in people's writing etc.  

thank you so kindly much, that's such a lovely comparison ~

there is currently a database, though I'm hesitant to ever make the messages publically available unless within a strictly academic context (such as a journal on digital humanities, discourse analysis or similar)


As the developer, are you able to see all the messages?

I am — purely from a moderation stand-point. But rest assured all messages are anonymous, and there's no way I'm able to decipher the original poster (I check the database about once a week)

Thanks for replying, your game is very good


Some people say they didn't find other stories, but I can't find place for my own. The quill fills up fully in some places, but it just doesn't let me type anything.

oh well not gonna share my stuff then >:D one of the best games on the website nonetheless <3

oh dear — I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm not really sure what may be causing that I'm afraid 

Thank you nevertheless for reaching out, time permitting I'll be sure to look into sometime ♡


this game is really lovely!! it's really enjoyable, and i'm having a lot of fun with it.  my movement and typing is laggy at a lot of times, but i think it might be because of the server thing you mentioned in a couple comments. i also think maybe implementing a map feature to show where you've been/to mark places might be a cool idea, along with maybe sizing up the landscape. again, super cool game, i can't wait to see what else you do with it and continue playing it!


What a lovely piece. It surprised me how much it provides an environment favorable for writing. The minimal interface feels like a clean and comfy desk.
Unfortunately I experience continuous lag: moving around is jerky, and there's delay in the typing.
Any idea what may be the cause? I had no other program running consuming bandwidth or CPU juice.

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I'm so sorry to only read this now —

What system were you playing it on? 
I'm still pretty inexperienced with GPU programming (which generates the visual geography) myself, and MacOS devices in particular seems to really struggle 

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No problem with the late answer, really.
I'm using Windows10,  on an Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 Ghz, 8Gb RAM, GPU is an Nvidia GTX770. Not top-notch material, I know :).
I read the other comments in the meantime and saw the Babble servers were located in Australia. I'm in France, so maybe that's the reason?
Anyway, cheers! Still a beautiful project you have here.

aww, in that mere case your hardware should be more than suitable enough :)

I suspect that may be the case, a few people way up in the northern hemisphere have had issues. I think in future experiences I'll look into multi-server support — sorry for the troubles!

I'm having similar issues. Framerate of about 1 frame per second. I find that the game is using less than 10% cpu and less than 200MB ram. Windows 10. Geforce GTX 1060 or thereabouts. The lag begins only after the unity logo (in the game). No command line output.

At this point I'm inclined to believe this may be due to the specific unity version this was built under, since it's only effecting specific devices.  I'm not really certain what the solution may currently be sorry, and am unfortunately not really in a position to explore this further at the moment either


I'm having a hard time finding places to write stories. I'm seeing quill pens appear and slowly get filled in as I approach map spots, but somehow it never gets more than halfway full, and I can't find a map position where it fills in completely. Am I doing anything wrong?

Not at all, I'm sorry you've been having troubles —

In some sense it's a mistake on my part, since as the spawn has begun filling up with more stories — so too must people wander further adrift to discover places where they be able to write. My suggestion may be to simply keep wandering in a single direction, and I'm sure you'll discover someplace nice soon :)


I like the style, it looks really inspiring. And I discovered some cute stories. It would be even better if there was some comfy music or gentle soundeffects.


Nice idea!

Two questions:

1. Is it normal that only one story is saved per game session?

2. Can i write in my native speach, too (German)?

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aww, thank you ♡

  • You may write as many stories as you wish per play session - some have even written as many as twenty to thirty different stories.
  • And you're more than welcome to write in German. The support for umlauts and non-English characters may be a bit hesitant, but otherwise it should be okay :)

    I can't write more than two stories. After that no more stories will be saved. I have to restart the game.

    I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm not sure quite what may be causing that.

    If you're located in the Northern Hemisphere it's possible the connection may be timing out (servers are located in Australia), so may take a look at it sometime this week. 

    Maybe that's the reason why I only see one story of another per game session!?

    I believe that may be the case, I'm so sorry to hear that. At this point I'm unable to transfer (or split) the server to a more accessible location, but I would be more than happy to offer a full refund if you wish :)

    just awesome

    Great Game. I probably wouldn't pay money for it but it was still a great experience. At least its free now

    Thank you for the feedback, 

    The game will only be available for free until September 8th, In the mere hopes it may be a gentle space of comfort for those currently needing it most ♡

    This was an amazing experience, thank you!

    thank you for the kinds words ~



    Sorry for my russian, but....
    Это просто замечательная вещь. Мне немного грустно, что я не нашёл ни одной чужой записи, но оставил парочку своих.

    Тем не менее, огромное спасибо Вам, за создание этого

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    I'm so sorry you weren't able to discover any messages, I'm not sure what may be causing that.

    But rest assured yours safely arrived and can be discovered by others ~ just reading through them now (through google translate), and they're beautiful ♡

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    This is a beautiful work of art. Exploring it is uniquely meditative. Thank you for creating and releasing this.

    thank you for contributing toward this gentle space ♡